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Animanijaci is the Croatian dub of Animaniacs. It formerly aired on HRT 2 in 2005 and 2010 respectively. No full episodes are available on YouTube aside from two copies of the theme song, the credits for an episode, and some of the other songs.

However, a website called jockantv.com has the first 23 episodes of the series available for streaming. The dub reportedly did do episodes beyond episode 23 due to a dub of "I'm Cute" and the later intro for Pinky and the Brain (as part of the show) existing.


UPDATE 1 (AUGUST 31, 2018): Sadly, jockantv.com apparently still has all of the Animaniacs episodes on a broken video player. However, they are working on transferring all of their cartoons including Animaniacs to a newer player.

UPDATE 2 (SEPTEMBER 3, 2018): Jockan TV is surprisingly linking to a website that allows you to download episodes from the Croatian dub of the series. I'll download the video and try to uncover some parts of this dub!

UPDATE 2.5 (SEPTEMBER 4, 2018): It turns out that there is apparently only ONE episode available for download, and that is episode 23. I actually thought they were gonna have all the others available for download!

UPDATE 3 (SEPTEMBER 10, 2019): It's been a year since I last updated this, but I noticed Jockan TV shows a 404 error on all the episodes. Unfortunately, this means the first 23 episodes are permanently gone from their website. On the other hand, I forgot to make this update: Lukegregory448 has episode 64 in Croatian!

UPDATE 4 (OCTOBER 8, 2019): AutismProud left a comment saying that he found the deleted Croatian dub of Wakko's America that used to be on Jockan TV, but when I clicked on it, it was a rickroll. If anybody has the full episode it came from, please comment below.

UPDATE 4.5 (OCTOBER 9, 2019): AutismProud told me he actually doesn't have anything related to the Croatian dub of the show, which is bad. On another note, I can no longer access the download links to the episodes on Jockan TV from the United States. If anybody outside the United States is able to access them and try to see if they have other episodes I may have missed in update 2.5, please let me know.

UPDATE 5 (APRIL 4, 2020): The episodes are back!

UPDATE 6 (APRIL 5 2021) Hi I'm SayianMaster2021 Episode 48 Is Found Here's A Link To The The Dubbed Episode https://drive.google.com/file/d/11-_K3E9fnlb60PsoSBBGrBhaffH2Y6UH/view?usp=drivesdk

UPDATE 8 Hello i'm the croatian geek and I found someone has uploaded Wakkos America on an download app! Here is the link! It requires VLC Player. https://uploads.mobi/8yz94xp8fi7h enjoy. (Hello, I’m Unknown chambers and the link does not work anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience that the Croatian geek has provided you, also the file is a couple of years old so it makes sense that it doesn’t work.)

UPDATE 9 User NickMick41 has uploaded episodes 1-13, 48, 51-55, 57, 58, 61, 63, 64 on Google Drive and posted the link in the comments

UPDATE 10 Hello, I am unknownchambers, after deep research I have found a downloading site which has episode 22 with a incomplete episode 23. The episode 23 is about 4 minutes long. https://send.cm/1yuxr0ccszke There is no ads, but the only way you can watch is by downloading the file, because the video player does not work. (UPDATE: it just episode 63/ With Three You Get Eggroll)


Animaniacs Let the anvils ring (Croatian)


Animaniacs- Yakko’s universe (Croatian)


Animaniacs - Theme and ending song (Croatian)-1535455802


Animaniacs - Yakko's World (Croatian)-1


Pinky and the Brain intro-Short (in Croatian)-1