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Animax Eastern Europe
(Japanese: アニマックス中央ヨーロッパ Animakkusu chūō yōroppa, Hungarian: Animax Közép-Európa) was a Japanese anime television network in Eastern Europe, including Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. It replaced the A+ Anime network in these countries except Poland on April 11, 2007. This was Animax's first major expansion to Europe. The channel broadcast its programmes either dubbed in the local language of each country, or in Japanese audio with local subtitles.

The channel was closed on 31 March 2014, and was replaced by the Chellomedia channel C8. C8 started broadcasting in Hungary on 1 April 2014, and in Romania on 5 May 2014. AXN's staff confirmed via their Facebook page that they aren't interested giving Animax another go, or continue to air anime.

List of programming

  • Hello Kitty
  • Naruto
  • Bleach
  • Dragon Ball GT
  • Vampire Knight
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Kilari
  • Iron Man
  • IGPX
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai
  • Imbatabil Banzuke
  • The Amazing Race Asia
  • Heavy Metal
  • Doctor Who
  • 90210
  • Kiddy Grade
  • Mirage of Blaze
  • Nodame Cantabile
  • Nana
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
  • Ghost in the Shell: 2nd Gig
  • Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002
  • Wolverine
  • Death Note
  • Chrono Chrusade
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Dino King
  • Hellsing
  • Blood+
  • Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Inuyasha
  • Honey & Clover
  • Blue Gender
  • Gankutsuou:The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Ghost Stories
  • Ayakashi Ayashi
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Detective Conan
  • Full Metal Panic
  • Kaleido Star
  • Trigun
  • Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning
  • Kyoro-chan
  • Kamichu!
  • Slayers
  • Jigoku Shoujo
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