Anime Reloaded was a series of shorts made with clips from the anime film Blood: The Last Vampire as mock PSAs uploaded to YouTube in 2010. Several were made; titles that have been saved/found on other sites include "Stranger Danger" and "School Dance".


The videos were made private on YouTube around 2012, and were not uploaded to any other video hosting sites, making them lost to this day.

Recollection of "Stranger Danger" (by Obsessive Cat)

Anime Reloaded! Bigger, faster, sushi?! Anime Reloaded!

And now a public service announcement from Saya.

(major portion of the video skipped here I don't recall)

(Twin girls are seen in a hospital with a nurse trying to give them medicine. They are hesitant. Saya appears out of nowhere with a katana.)

Saya: Saya's here, bitches! You're not going to touch them on my watch!

Twin Girls: What the hell?

(Saya stabs one of the twin girls with her katana in an attempt to "save" her. Blood squirts everywhere and the nurse screams.)


Saya: Man, I was major tripping balls when I killed those girls.

Man With Saya: Nice. Everyone should try acid at least once! It expands your mind.

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