Lost Media Archive

No Where Not Talking About The First One, Where Talking About One That Might Exist But It Might Be Doubtful. Triptank Had A Sketch Called Think Tank, And It Had Bob Obenkirk In It. The First Sketch Involves Mr. There's Gotta Be A Better Way And His Crew Solving World Hunger By Making A Giant Burrito, Over The Grand Canyon.

The Sketch In Question

A User On 4chan Named Alex4577HB Posted About Another Sketch About Bob He Found On A Unknown Video Site That Was Deleted After The Video Of The Sketch Was Uploaded A Week Ago. He Said The Same Characters From The 1st Short Appeared In This, But There Plan This Time Is To Go Find A Mystery Safe Found In A Pile Of Rocks In Egypt, They Explain On How They Are Going To Find It. Unlike The 1st One, They Actually Go On A Adventure To Find It, They Take A Airplane And Fly There, And Find The Safe, They Found It, And The Code Was On The Side, What Was Inside Was Nothing But A Quarter, And At The End, Mr. There's Gotta Be A Better Way Shouts Multiple Swear Words. He Also Reported Seeing Stan Lee Make A Cameo In The Short, Reading A Newspaper.

However, He Deleted His Account 1 Day Later Because He Actually Didn't Want To Be In 4Chan Anymore, Only 1 Person Got To See The Post, And It Was Me, RaminatorSprings, Unknown If The Sketch Exists, Because There Is Actually No Footage Or Screenshots Of The Short, At All, The User Said It Was Made in 2015 Maybe To Put In Season 2, But It Was Rejected So Its Unknown If It Exists, Because The Site That Had It Was Deleted 1 Week After The Video Was Released, And No Other Site Actually Has It.