Anthony Ant is an American-British-Canadian cartoon series based on a book of the same name by Graham, & Lorna Philpot. It was produced by Funbag Animation Studios, & HiT Entertainment(who is also the distributor of the show), & aired on HBO Family in the United States, & YTV in Canada. The show takes place in an underground city called Antville, & the outside world as well.


As of 2020, only the intro, outro, & an incomplete Spanish dub of Weevil Fever have surfaced on the internet. Not a single other episode has surfaced, & the aforementioned episode can't be found in English, despite the show being made in English in the first place.


  1. A Knight To Remember
  2. The Magic Marble
  3. Anything You Could Do
  4. Rustlemania
  5. Dance With Termites
  6. Kid For A Day (Found)
  7. It's My Party
  8. The Ant Who Would Be King
  9. The Big Food
  10. The Circus
  11. Jurassic Greenhouse
  12. Lost And Found
  13. Race Against Time
  14. The Picnic
  15. 100 Easy Pieces
  16. Raiders of The Lost Food
  17. The Spectre of Antebellum
  18. Weevil Fever(Spanish only )
  19. The Great Race
  20. The Rescue Party
  21. Air Ant
  22. Antastic Voyage
  23. Antastic Adventure
  24. Walk Like An Egyptian
  25. Quest For Sugar
  26. The Treasure Is Mine
  27. Greenhouse Blues
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