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DISCLAIMER: This article (or part of it) deals with Violent, Sexual, Profane, and/or Drug-Related Content. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

DISCLAIMER: This article (or part of it) deals with disturbing topics, including themes of rape, murder, abuse, drugging, crime, disaster, tragedy, and etc. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

AntiFaust (Russian: АнтиФауст) - russian-german romance mystery horror film, was directed on 1993 by George Friesen. Was found 11 July, 2021 by VKontakte community "FROM OUTER SPACE".


The history of falling angel Hilbert, who was be returned to earth with scary mission: The kill of the his daughter.


Victor Avilov - Hilbert

Vadim Ghems - Leopold

Irina Sidorova - Anna

Alexander Kuzmichev - Byorn

Kirill Dubrovitsky - Yashun

Denis Karasev - Reporter

Olga Danilova - Girl from Tavern

Nikolay Lebedev - John Dicks

Inna Kara-Mosko - Anna's mother

Olga Bishulya - Cowgirl

On episodes

V. Svetlov

Y. Amigo

A. Teneta

A. Mikeshin

I. Ivanova

T. Kovalevskaya

V. Shumilov

Y. Gubarev

A. Tolmachev

O. Hrychev

A. Filipkov

C. Aleschenko


Written by: George Friesen

Directed by: George Friesen

Cameraman: Vladimir Brylyakov & Dmitry Ermakov

Art Director: Rais Nagaev, Anna Makashova & Svetlana Shalamova

Music: Alex Kostrov, Michael Malin, Antonio Vivaldi, Georg Friedirich Händel, Wolfgang Mozart & Arseny Lapisov

Conductors: Vladimir Semkin & Nigel Kennedy

Vocal Part: Olga Buzina

Sound Engineer: Igor Zamotaev, Michael Buyanov, Yuri Galyatkin, Gennady Papin & Vladimir Kuznecov

Edited by: Svetlana Guralskaya & Natha Merenkova


Studio: Rossfilm, Multi-Media-Marketing GmbH

Production: Vtors, Ost-West Warenhändel

Language: Russian

Format: 16:9

Duration: 84 minutes

Search Efforts

On April 17, 2021, user kirillgamer2002 wrote on the Russian Lost Media Wiki Discord Server about a lost film called "AntiFaust", after which a search began on the server.

The page of the film was discovered on the website of the State Film Fund of Russia. This means that the movie may be stored in the archives. “According to the catalog of the State Film Fund, the film“ AntiFaust ”is stored in it as“ Film document №19422 ”and the film consists of 9 parts. This fact gives hope that in the future the tape will be digitized by someone and we will finally see the great Avilov in the role of the fallen angel Hilbert, forced to return to Earth and kill his own daughter."

On May 4, 2021, wiki Discord server user George Lepnon posted a message on Facebook to Dmitry Mishenin, who interviewed the film's composer. After 20 minutes, a response came from which it became known that the film was not released due to copyright problems and there were no copies either. It is possible that the films with the film are only at the director and producer.

Later, it became known that the rights to the film belong to the German film company MMM. (not to be confused with a financial pyramid)

On May 7, Discord user Foxepic wrote a message on VKontakte to composer Oleg Kostrov, soon he replied to the message, writing that the film could be on VHS with another composer, Oleg Gitarkin. Soon, a message was written to Oleg Gitarkin: he replied that his copy had been lost.

On May 9th, Foxepic received a reply from MMM Film. The head of the company, Ulrike Zimmermann, said that he had no right to this film and did not know about its existence. Probably, the MMM listed on the Rossfilm website and this MMM are two different studios. Moreover, MMM Film specializes in possibly documentaries. They may have lost the rights to the AntiFaust, if they had any at all.

A discord user contello wrote a letter to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The answer came on May 15. It turned out that the film did not have a distribution certificate and, therefore, was never released on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Also, a contello user found out that Tatiana Voronetskaya does not have a copy of the film.

On June 20, the community of the social network VKontakte From Outer Space published an interview with George Friesen. In an interview, Friesen said that he had acquaintances who were supposed to be engaged in distribution, but for some unknown reason, Antifaust was never released on cinema screens. The rights to the film belonged to Multi-Media-Marketing GmbH, which was directed by Friesen himself. The film may not have been released due to copyright issues.

By phone, Friesen shared with the idea that the film could be kept by Dmitry Ermakov, who was the second cameraman in the film and introduced many new interesting ideas during filming.

On July 11, Antifaust was found by the VK group From Outer Space and on July 13, he was posted online.