A screenshot of one of her lost videos, most likely "My GoAnimate Science Project"

Anti Hobbykids is a GoAnimate/Vyond Channel that mostly makes Caillou gets Grounded videos, she started making them in 2015, however, she got terminated in 2016, but came back with a new account the same year before going on a slight hiatus for 4 years in 2017, many of the videos Anti Hobbykids made have been lost due to her termination, although, a few reuploads of her videos on YouTube and Dailymotion have been sighted.

All Lost Videos in Order (2015 - 2017)

  1. Caillou Works at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
  2. Retarded Freddy
  3. Caillou Turns the Animatronics into Comedy World
  4. Caillou Falls into a Ditch/Grounded
  5. Caillou Steals Cindy the Cat/Grounded
  6. Caillou gets Grounded on Christmas
  7. Balloon Boy Kills Caillou
  8. Caillou in Saw
  9. Caillou gets Grounded The Movie
  10. Caillou Explores Candy's Burgers and Fries
  11. Caillou's Christmas Special
  12. Caillou gets Grounded The Movie 2 - Teaser Trailer
  13. Caillou gets Grounded The Movie 2
  14. Caillou has a Nightmare/Grounded
  15. Caillou Misbehaves at Chuck E. Cheese's
  16. Caillou Calls the New Baby Stupid
  17. Five Nights at Caillou's
  18. Caillou Turns the House into Mcdonald's/Grounded
  19. Caillou Inflates Mangle and gets Stuffed into a Suit
  20. Caillou gets a Flu Shot (older version)
  21. Caillou's Punishment Day
  22. Caillou in Undertale
  23. Caillou Misbehaves in the Bath and gets Grounded
  24. Caillou gets Grounded and gets Grounded
  25. Caillou Dies/Grounded
  26. Frisk Refuses to Take a Bath and Gets Grounded
  27. Caillou Misbehaves at Six Flags
  28. Boris the Teeth Guy Rants about his Character Designs
  29. Asgore Makes a Broccoli Garden and gets Grounded
  30. Battle for GoAnimate Island Episode 1
  31. Battle for GoAnimate Island Episode 2
  32. My GoAnimate Science Project
  33. Caillou gets Grounded (Special)
  34. Anti Hobbykids The Movie
  35. Caillou's Torture Time
  36. A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! (April Fools)
  37. Piemations Doesn't put Plushtrap in his Video and gets Grounded
  38. GoAnimate Creepypasta: Anti Hobbykids gets Killed by Police Officers
  39. Samus Misbehaves at Chuck E. Cheese's and gets Grounded
  40. Contest: Make a Grounded Video Out of Me
  41. Caillou Bes Mean to his Grandma and gets Grounded
  42. BasketBall Joe
  43. Caillou gets Held Back
  44. Caillou goes to Hell
  45. Caillou Meets Evil Otto
  46. Caillou Misbehaves at Burger King/Grounded
  47. The GoAnimate City Tornado
  48. My Nightmare
  49. My Nightmare 2
  50. The Spy Kills Fundir Broe UTTP
  51. I got Grounded....
  52. Charmx Rant
  53. Daily Bumps Rant
  54. Meet the Heavy (GoAnimate Version)
  55. Meet the Sniper (GoAnimate Version)
  56. Caillou Turns the Sister Location Animatronics into Comedy World Trailer
  57. Caillou Plays Overwatch While Grounded
  58. Caillou Meets his Grandmother + Red Caillou
  59. My Channel got Terminated! Please Help!!!
  60. Caillou Misbehaves on Santa's Lap and gets Grounded
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