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Long ABC Promo from 1978!!

The uncut 1978 ABC fall preview (Apple Pie footage at 5:39).


'Fantasy Island' 'Love Boat' 'Apple Pie' 'Carter Country' Promo (1978)

An ABC Saturday night promo.

Apple Pie is a 1978 ABC sitcom developed by Norman Lear (whose only other ABC-aired production at the time was Hot L Baltimore, also a flop). Set in 1933, during the Great Depression, it starred Rue McClanahan (then of Maude fame) as Ginger-Nell Hollyhock, a single, lonely hairdresser in Kansas City who decides to assemble a family by placing want ads in the local newspaper. Her new family proves to be a crazy bunch - husband "Fast Eddie" Murtaugh (Dabney Coleman), a con man; their daughter Anna Marie (Caitlin O'Heaney), a dancer; Junior (Derrel Maury), their son; and irreverent grandfather Grandpa (Jack Gilford). The show aired on Saturdays at 8:30 after Carter Country to lousy reception, resulting in Apple Pie meeting the same fate as Lear's other 1978 bomb, CBS' In the Beginning. But whereas Beginning aired five episodes, Pie only ran two, with promotional material containing the only traces of the show to be seen since its 1978 run.