Lost Media Archive

Now,I dont know if this short really existed,but it was a short from 2020,Early 2020 as I know of,and Ive seem promotions of it on a app called 'TikTok' and some others.

I also know or atleast,Rememeber that the short was promoting a series featuring an apple named 'Appy the Apple'.

I could recall that the character appeared to be an apple with yellow eyes,Arms and legs,And he had a high pitched voice of somewhat,now,I know theres a creepypasta called 'Happy Appy' but thats different,this is something Ive seen in real life,im not sure if it ever existed,but im pretty sure it doesnt exist anymore,since I cant find any info on it mostly,And most of the info is now from vandalized websites.

the promo

I cant really recall what the video pretty much shown,but I could say that it showed 'Appy Apple' running away from a knife,if ANYONE knows about this pacific short of film,tell me.