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Midnight Society What is AQUA TEEN BOSTON. (Boston Bomb Scare 2007)

YouTube user RebelTaxi's video on the lost episode.

"Boston" is an unaired 2008 episode of the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim series Aqua Teen Hunger Force (shortened as ATHF). Following the 2007 Boston Bomb Scare (in which LED Mooninite signs placed around the city, as guerrilla advertising for the show, were mistaken for explosives), the creators of ATHF made a season-opener titled "Boston" as a response to the bomb scare. However, to avoid any further controversy regarding the incident, the decision was made to pull the episode. The entire stunt ultimately caused new management to be brought in at Cartoon Network, resulting in the infamous "CN Real" era.

Not much is known about the episode, although series co-creator Dave Willis has revealed in an interview[1] that 3 versions of the episode exist. Mockingly, when asked if it would ever be released, Willis replied "yes, as soon as Boston gives us back our money", thus implying that there are no plans for it to ever see the light of day.


On 4/8/15 it was discovered that a leaked version of "Boston" was on the Internet for 3 months, but was shortly taken down after the news spread on social media, resulting in mirrors here and there. This version of the episode is not finished and has rough animation at times but is fully voiced.

Download link: https://mega.co.nz/#!v9RChDQA!tLIX-51PAc6LEmj1CIu03GZnXQhoi32esYHpcl8xBOo

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