Bookittty182 - Muppet Adventure Chaos At The Carnival (NES) Review

Bookittty182 - Muppet Adventure Chaos At The Carnival (NES) Review

In the late 2000's, AqualungGameReviews collaborated with the Grumpy Gamer Bitch (GGB) to do a "Review/Walkthrough of Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival for the NES.


AqualungGameReviews, an independent video game reviewer, requested the help of bookitty182 (BKA the Grumpy Gamer Bitch) to cover an NES game called Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival. Aqualung uploaded part one on his channel, while GGB uploaded part two on her channel. This was back when Youtube had time limits on uploading videos, as well as the two reviewers wanting to split the content 50/50.

When bookitty182's channel was shut down, AqualungGameReviews took down his coverage of the game, commenting that he saw no reason to keep it up if the remaining footage was not available. While part one has been recovered by The Video Game Reviewer Archive, the second part remains lost.

Part 2

The second part of the review was uploaded on bookitty182's channel and was lost when Youtube terminated her account.

It covered the second part of the game where, after finding four keys, the player must control Kermit in a platforming side-scroller. His only means of defense is a feather, which both Aqualung and the Grumpy Gamer Bitch criticize. They also point out the awful controls, bad hit detection, and frustratingly cheap difficulty in this portion of the game.

Both reviewers give tips on how to defeat the "Grumpasaurus" and the final boss, Dr. Grump. The ending is perceived as awful and insulting, as well.

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