Archy McDonald's Lost Commercial (1960s)

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Prior to the introduction of their more recent mascots, McDonald's had older characters such as Speedee and Archy. These mascots are no longer in use, although the 'Archy award' is still given for high achievement at the Illinois 'Hamburger University' owned by the company.

Archy appeared in logos and a variety of promotional goods such as toys and paper bags

Archy replaced Speedee some time between 1961 and 1962, according to information from an on-site museum and various other news articles (found here and here). Archy himself would be replaced by Ronald McDonald, who first started appearing in adverts in the mid 60s.

Despite this, both the aforementioned museum plaque and CreativeBloq article describe an TV ad in which Archy appears to dance on the counter top. Search for this advert has so far yielded no results.

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