Arctic Monkeys are a indie rock band from Sheffield, England; their popularity and greatly sold records made them one of the biggest bands of the new century, along with The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, etc.

AM Tokyo 2006

Thumbnail of the deleted / lost video

During the promotion tour for their debut album, "Whateaver People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not", In April 2006, they played a concert in Tokyo, Japan, on a venue called Shinkiba Studio Coast; This was prior to the Summer Sonic shows they were going to perform at on August of the same year.

There was once a YouTube video with footage with the show, which lasted 13 minutes and was a Pro-Shot video with an interview included, but said video was deleted almost prior to it's uploading. The only surviving media of the concert, aside from an audio bootleg, is the thumbnail from the video, as it was not mirrored anywhere.

Link to the Audio Bootleg (Spanish Web):

Link to the Video (Now Deleted - Same Web):

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