Arrival of a Train at Vincennes Station (Arrivée d'un train gare de Vincennes) Is a lost 1896 French silent film directed by Georges Méliès . It is currently presumed lost, although Bernhard Richter, an animator, and Sara Richter, Bernhard's daughter, suggested in 2013 that a flipbook published around the turn of the century by Léon Beaulieu may be a surviving print of the film.

The suggested identification is based on the type of train depicted in the flipbook, though no actual evidence has been made to prove this. A UCLA archivist Jan-Christopher Horak has said that, while the flipbook may as well be a Méliès print, it might also be a Lumière Brothers film. A preservationist Serge Bromberg also poised that the film might not be a Méliès print, but might be another by other earlier film-makers. Georges's great, great granddaughter posted in an online statement that the flipbook might possibly derive from Méliès, but based on the inscriptions on the train, may as well be a later Méliès film.

The Richters hope to gather more evidence by crowdfunding the project for research. Right now, no other information is known about this film.

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