Arthur, the popular PBS TV series, has so far been translated into more than 83 languages. However, many dubs only dubbed the first season before returning to dub other programs. In other areas such as Turkey, the Near East and South Korea the later seasons were dubbed, and videos of these episodes can be found online, whether on YouTube or the site of the station that broadcasts the dubs.

But the most obscure versions of these episodes is the German version. Despite currently rerunning on Junior (a cable station) no footage of seasons 8-15 can be found online besides a promo that is falsely stated to have a 2001 copyright (the year the show debuted in Germany) despite having footage from much newer episodes.

While a few earlier (S1-3) episodes were released to DVD and VHS in Spring/Summer 2004, the home video release of these newer episodes is yet to happen.


Erdferkel Arthur und seine Freunde Trailer

The promo

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