The full version of the all episodes from the eighteenth season of Arthur used to be on YouTube, but now some of them were released on that website, but all of them have very weird effects to make it harder for copyright strikes to be issued.


  1. The Friend Who Wasn't There (mostly lost)
  2. Surprise! (full version mostly lost)
  3. The Case of the Girl With the Long Face (mostly lost)
  4. The Substitute Arthur (mostly lost)
  5. The Tattletale Frog (mostly lost)
  6. D.W. & Bud's Higher Purpose (mostly lost)
  7. Best Wishes (mostly lost)
  8. The Tardy Tumbler (mostly lost)
  9. Fountain Abbey (mostly lost)
  10. Arthur Calls It (mostly lost)
  11. Whip. Mix. Blend. (mostly lost)
  12. Staycation (mostly lost)
  13. Two Minutes (mostly lost)
  14. Messy Dress Mess (mostly lost)
  15. Arthur Read, Super Saver (mostly lost)
  16. Tibbles to The Rescue (mostly lost)
  17. The Pageant Pickle (mostly lost)
  18. Some Assembly Required (mostly lost)
  19. Shelter from the Storm (mostly lost)
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