The full version of all episodes from the nineteenth season of Arthur used to be on YouTube but now some of them were released on that website, but all of them have very weird effects.


  1. Brain's Brain (mostly lost)
  2. Brian See Stars (mostly lost)
  3. Sue Ellen Adds It Up (mostly lost)
  4. Wish You Were Here (mostly lost)
  5. Arthur's Toy Trouble (mostly lost)
  6. Spar of the Course (mostly lost)
  7. Carried Away! (mostly lost)
  8. Dueled Detectives (mostly lost)
  9. Buster Isn't Buying It (mostly lost)
  10. One Ornery Critter (mostly lost)
  11. Maria Speaks (mostly lost)
  12. Postcards From Binky (mostly lost)
  13. Carl's Concerto (mostly lost)
  14. Too Much of a Good Thing (mostly lost)
  15. Francine's Cleats of Strength (mostly lost)
  16. Little Miss Meanie (mostly lost)
  17. Mr. Ratburn's Secret Identity (mostly lost)
  18. Besties (mostly lost)
  19. The Last Day (mostly lost)
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