Microwave Crisp Maker Review Ashens

Microwave Crisp Maker Review Ashens


The rare Ashens "Ashenthology 1" DVD, rumored to contain the missing clip.

Dr. Stuart Ashens is a popular Youtube video creator that reviews cheap electronics, items from poundland stores (the British equivilent of a dollar store), and other cheap crap. This is usually done with just his hands visible in front of a brown sofa. He currently has 637,351 subscribers and 134,628,254 page views on Youtube.

In 2007, he did two videos for Gizmodo's Youtube account, which vanished once the account was deleted in 2014. Ashens recovered the originals files, uploading them, but altered the audio in one, claiming the music used had copyright issues.

It is rumored that Ashens' "Ashenthology" DVD contains the original version, however, the DVD was a limited run, with no plans to sell again. Currently there are no known mirrors online of the original clip, or of the DVD.

UPDATE FEB. 27th, 2015: Holy cow, the original version's finally been recovered! Special thanks to a random contributor! Watch it here...

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