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Astrology with Squidward is a 2000 Nickelodeon series of interstitial shorts where, during different times of the year, Squidward Tentacles would explain the different parts of the zodiac. Most of the zodiac symbols that are represented in the shorts, however, are just crudely designed versions of the main characters (like SpongeBob as Sagittarius and Patrick as Taurus), although Mr. Krabs, the Ambulance Fish, and Sandals are represented in their normal designs.

Despite the shorts becoming nearly as popular as its predecessor, Nickelodeon made the decision to pull them from the air on Nick in 2001, but later reappeared on their sister channel, Nicktoons, in 2002, where they continued to enjoy airtime up until 2005. Having last aired at a time when recording television wasn't as prevalent as it is now, two shorts are completely missing. Virgo, which is represented by Pearl, and Libra, by Squidward.

Though it's not confirmed, Capricorn, Aries, and Scorpio may also exist, as they would complete the zodiac, and the latter of which, Scorpio, is referenced on a German Nick wiki.[1]


Five surviving, original English-dubbed shorts, plus part of "Leo", and three surviving Russian-dubbed shorts are below.


Astrology With Squidward - Cancer (English Version)



Astrology With Squidward - Tarus (English Version)



Astrology With Squidward - Pisces (ORIGINAL ENGLISH VERSION)



Astrology with Squidward Gemini



Astrology With Squidward - Leo (partial)

"Leo" (partial).


Astrology With Squidward - Sagittarius (English) - VHS rip



Astrology With Squidward - Sagitarius (Russian)

"Sagittarius" in Russian.


Astrology With Squidward - Leo (Russian)

"Leo" in Russian.


Astrology With Squidward - Piecis (Russian)

"Pisces" in Russian.


Dec 29, 2013: On this day, Redditor SickFinga translated the three Russian shorts and the transcripts are available here. Later that day, Lost Media Wiki contributor bun39 uploaded the Russian dubs of the episodes with English subtitles in .mov format to mega.co.nz.

  • Leo is downloadable here.
  • Pisces is downloadable here.
  • Sagittarius is downloadable here.

Dec 2, 2014: On this day, Youtuber hosta mahogey's hoagie hut uploaded the original English recording of "Pisces", which has been listed above. Nov 22, 2015: On this day, Youtuber CatscratchFan4004 uploaded part of the original English recording of "Leo", which has been listed above. Nov 24, 2015: On this day, Youtuber SpongeBrandedExtra uploaded the original English recording of "Sagittarius", which has been listed above.

May 29, 2016: Forum User AniMount posted some information about the lost shorts. The information described maybe true/false. Keep it in mind. I remember watching it when I was 5. I would like to give out all of the information I remember about the lost episodes.

Virga. As far as I remember Squidward said that "They will ask their parents for some money".

Libra. I actually don't remember anything about it but I still have some small info. On the picture (that is right to Squidward) was Squidward in his intro pose (In the start of any episode)

Scorpio. German Nickelodeon wiki says it exist and I can say IT (probably) EXISTS. I am not sure who was Scorpio, but all I can say IT should probably exist.

P.S. I don't think Capricorn and Aries exist.

I hope I helped a bit!~~