Athena Cage The Art of a Woman (Unreleased 2001 Album)

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The Art of a Woman was supposed to be R&B singer Athena Cage's debut album scheduled to be released sometime in 2001.

Three songs from the album "Hey Hey", "Until You Come Back to Me" and "All or Nothing" were released as singles, but didn't appear to make much impact on the charts.

For unknown reasons, the album was eventually shelved, but promotional copies of it appear to be available.


  1. All I Need Is Me
  2. Hey Hey
  3. Until You Come Back to Me
  4. Let Me Know
  5. In the Mood
  6. Respect (The Way It Goes)
  7. Take It Out on Me
  8. Make U Wanna
  9. He Changed His Mind
  10. You
  11. All or Nothing
  12. Dream Lover
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