"Attack of the Giant Vulture" is a short film that appeared on Nickelodeon's "Short Films by Short People" series; a show that showcased short films made by kids. It aired a few times in the late 90s-early 2000s, but has never shown up online.

The short involves a giant vulture chasing a group of kids, culminating with them cooking and eating the bird. Some report that it was particularly frightening for them as children.

The Paley Center for Media in California are confirmed to have a copy of Nickelodeon's "Creative Lab Comp Reel", a 1:17 hour tape containing the infamous Vulture short.

The only footage of the short available online are a few snippets seen in a promo video found on YouTube.

File:Nickelodeon Short Films by Short People promo (1997)


The Paley Center Library Supervisor has replied to our correspondence with a lengthy, friendly email that states that while they cannot duplicate or release the Attack of the Giant Vulture clip, they CAN organise a group viewing of the clip at their California campus; the viewing can fit 25-30 people max. IF you live near Cali (or were willing to travel) and would like to be a part of a group viewing, send me an email at so that I can get an accurate tally of how many people want to attend so I can let the Paley Center know. As I live in Australia, I obviously won't be able to attend, so I encourage anyone to sneakily record it :) Once we get a considerable number of interested people, I'll contact the Library Supervisor so he can officially organise the viewing for us.

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