Aud Lang Gone is an unaired Season 2 episode of the game show, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?. It was originally supposed to air in 1992, but it went unaired because contestant Jasmine Doman wound up injuring herself in the bonus round. Production stopped and Ed Mann, one of the runners-up, took her place. He managed to win the bonus round with 13 seconds to go. The show also featured an appearance by actor Gene Wilder. However, there were also a lot of issues in that episode other than the injury. Sean ripped Greg's jacket, the Plastic Diver Guy's tank broke, and Greg took over the Chief's role until the office sketch ended because Lynn Thigpen, the chief, had a sore throat. Therefore, Marc Summers took Greg's role as hosting for the rest of that episode. The show went unedited and taped, but they decided not to air it due to all the chaos.

The original plot for this episode was that Patty Larceny stole the New Year's Eve ball in Times Square, NYC. 

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