NOTE: I know this is not specified, but he is lost

AutismProud was an user that started being a fandom user at June 16, 2019 and his account died at November 29, 2019. His account first joined The Loud House encyclopedia, he also joined Lost Media wiki, Dream Fiction wiki, OK KO! Wiki, (banned for unknown reasons) 6teen wiki, Subway Surfers wiki, Animaniacs wiki, Iep wiki and PB&J Otter wiki

His true name is Luciano, he was born Lucia

How he is now lost media

In 29/11/2019, (dd/mm/yyyy) his Google Chrome crashed somehow, he saddly needed to restart the browser for still using Google on his computer, his account was on his former Google, now the access for his account is lost media

Pages he worked on

6teen (Portuguese lost dub)

Animaniacs (Lost European Portuguese dub)

Animanijaci (Partially Found Croatian Dub of Animaniacs)*

Animaniacs (More or Less 2nd Russian Dub)

Caillou (Lost Playhouse Disney Spain Airing)*

Doki: Team Doki: From Past to Present (lost dubs)*

Lazy Town (Lost Kurdish Dub)

Lost Nickelodeon Bumpers and Interstitials*

Lost Disney Junior Now/Coming Up Bumpers*

Category:Lost Portugal

Pingu (Partially Found Cartoonito Arabic Airing)*

PB&J Otter*

Peppa Pig Venezuelan Dub*

Little Einsteins (Rare Hebrew Dub)*

SpongeBob SquarePants (Mickey Channel Arabic Dub)*

Total Drama Island's Alternate Final (Lost Brazilian Portuguese Dub)

The Loud House (Lost Albanian Dub)

The Loud House (Lost Polish Dub)*

  • = pages that AutismProud didn't created


Originally, His brother Lucas  used to own this account, later, Luciano got it by 10 chocolates (Lucas have autism)

Luciano is a transgender straight male

His favorite show is Animaniacs

He was born on leap year 2004

For unknown reasons, AutismProud was banned from OK KO! Fandom

He is from Brazil

I was AutismProud, so I recreated my former account

Too bad he (I) was kinda terminated, I (He) was going to create more pages

He lives in Santa Catarina

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