Autobusi i vogël, Tajo (Supposed Albanian Dub for Tayo the Little Bus)

Tayo the little bus is a Korean children's animated show about city buses named Tayo, Rogi, Lani, Gani and Citu who live in a city bus garage with a mechanic named Hana. The show was released in 2010 (for South Korean audiences) and released in 2012 for international audiences. The show in question has enough popularity where a fair amount of dubs were made with a few being very common. However, this supposed dub for Tayo the Little Bus is in Albanian and only a logo exists for it. Tayo the Little Bus actually aired on Bang Bang and Çufo with the translated title "Tajo, autobuzi i vogël" according to TVProfil Albania but there is nothing indicating the existence of a dub other than a translated title. This makes the chance of an actual Albanian dub for Tayo the Little Bus very low because just because it aired in a region on a local channel (even if most of its content is dubbed in the official language of said region) that doesn't mean that it also has a dub. There was a similar instance with a supposed Afrikaans dub of SpongeBob SquarePants where it was rumored to exist but limited evidence existed for it. It is more likely that the show aired in Korean or English with Albanian subtitles or just with a translated logo and translated credits but still aired undubbed. In a Bang Bang continuity, The intro part appears at the very end.

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