Lost Media Archive

A series of ads were made for the BBC in late 2005 to promote their digital services.

A 50 second ad was aired on BBC One on 5 November 2005. The ad featured a giant animated head made up of smaller heads, which alienated viewers.

There exists a Christmas version of the ad featuring a female head that was pulled off-air after the first showing following complaints from viewers.

1,300 complaints caused the campaign to draw to a close.

Two of the four ads so far have surfaced, and can be found on YouTube. The other two are yet to be found.

Footage of another ad surfaced in an episode of Armando Iannuchi's Time Trumpet, which aired on BBC Two in 2006.

A screenshot of another ad featuring the female head appeared in a blog post by Andrew on the Biased BBC website.

Two of the four ads has been confirmed to have the heads of Bob the Builder and Postman Pat. The Postman Pat one has yet to resurface.