BFALB (short for "Battle For A Lego Brick") was a joke objet show made by Tymoteusz Bzymek,whitch was a polish youtuber, that uploades 'animations' that were made in ms paint to this day. The object show had a weird cast, some charecters where just fnaf charecters, after a while the object show came to an end where eevee won. One day all of thesse episodes were deleted, it's unknown who deleted them all. So far, one episode was found and that was episode one, but it's just a remake, and only some of the audio is there. How ever, there is a clip of another episode. There was supposed to be a remake of bfalb but it never came to be a thing. The object show was 'animated' in ms paint, there was also a scene where molten freddy (one of the contestants) was wearing a suction cup man shirt. another thing that is lost, is a line where funtime freddy said "shut up and help me find a way out of here" there was a part of this line when the voice actor said "tymek dont put this part in the video in the video you dick". The creator of the show claims that you could hear washing machine noises in episode 10

Epic hot man

1: partly found

2: partly found (no audio)

3: lost

4: partly found

Sonic run

5: lost

6: lost

7: lost

Verry rare

8: lost

9: partly found (no audio)

10: lost

11: lost

12: lost

13: lost 

Verry rare-0

14: partly found

intro #1: found

intro #2: found

elimination order: found

update: it turns out that the "nom nom nom" video wasn't from episode four, it turns out that the video was from another episode, it's still unknow from whitch episode it came from. More updates soon

Update #2: so Tymoteusz Bzymek just made a tweet saying that we might get a remake of episode 4 and 14, it's still unknow if any other episodes will get a remake/ reupload

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