Lost Media Archive

BFTA or Battle for the apartment is a lost Brazilian object show created on July 1, 2020. The show was made of paper clippings (as well as Paper Puppets), and had a total of 6 episodes. The episodes were never posted on youtube, because the creator (AnaPaulaAnimations) did not have an account yet and the only viewers of his episodes were his family and some friends who also voted. The show consisted of the Iphone10 (Host), and contestants such as 8-Ball, Bag, Basketball, Carla, Cup, Diamondy, Donut, Minecraft Command Block, Nonexisting, Letter W, Orange, Remote, Soda Bottle, TV, Void and Whiteboard. The show was deleted in early August because of an accident in the video gallery of his cell phone, which caused all bfta episodes to be deleted.

BFTA 1: Don't jump off the cliff! ( 6/1/2020)

BFTA 2: I draw better than you (6/2/2020) (Eliminated; Carla)

BFTA 3: Vactation (6/4/2020) (Eliminated: Nonexisting)

BFTA 4: (Lost title) (6/6/2020) (Eliminated: Bag )

BFTA 5: I can fly (6/7/2020) (Eliminated: Letter W)

BFTA 6a: Goodbye 8-Ball (6/10/2020) (no one was eliminated)