Baby Ballroom: The Championships was a short-lived ITV1 reality/talent contest that featured children aged between 6-11 years old performing ballroom dancing. It aired on ITV1 in Summer 2007 (Saturday 28th July-Saturday 11th August), for 3 episodes. The presenter was Kate Thornton, whilst the judges were West End stars Ray Quinn & Bonnie Langford alongside Italian dance expert Pierre Dulaine. The children were paired up into different coloured teams, to represent the individual couples such as blue, white, green etc. Winning the one and only series were Kimberly Jones & Joshua Malone, who were both aged 11 (green team); they took 2 smaller clones of the trophy home, to save squabbling about who should keep it, their dance teacher kept the larger trophy cup. After 2007, the show was axed, meaning that there were no further series. Like most earlier formats of dance contests, contents of this show are thin on the ground though the only 2 proper performances that have been confirmed found are Elliot Murray-Flint (pink team)'s foxtrot to Grace Kelly by Mika, uploaded from soulfireboy9 and Phoebe & Chris (blue team)'s quickstep to Smile by Lily Allen (from CoddingtonProductions Whitby); YouTuber Antony Palmer had uploaded Episode 1 & the grand final on his channel, but Episode 1 swiftly got blocked by ITV, though the final is still playable; there is a promo of it during the video "ITV1 Continuity- 18th July/1st August 2007" from MovieMadMatt, a short review of it was featured on Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe Review of 2007 and TV3's variant of the promo from whomissed123. Apart from those very few clips, there isn't any more content surfaced.

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