Baby Einstein is an animated children's television series that was originated in the USA by Julie Aigner-Clark and ran from 1996 to 2004 (original series only) featuring In 1994 a pilot episode was made to pitch the concept of the series to Nick Jr. Productions.


This pilot was produced in July 1994. The episode features early prototype versions of Bard and Vincent Van Goat (then known as Bard). This pilot was never released on DVD. According to the website, the pilot was about 90 seconds long, despite it really being 130 seconds long. "Nick Jr. Productions required Ealing Animations to produce a 90-second pilot for Baby Einstein to pitch the idea to MIP C.O.M. We had a tight schedule of three months. I could see the idea had a lot of potential, but the script was too long. The script was re-written and production started. The designs for Baby Einstein took some time to crack, but, once they too were finalized, the puppet was made in Bristol by a company called The Puppet Factory. The two puppet featured was produced and engineered by John Wright, also based in Bristol. He was highly recommended and had done lots of work on the Sesame Street films. The sets, props and animation were done in-house. We delivered the goods and Nick Jr. Productions presented their proposal, which was swept up very quickly. The 90 second pilot starts with Bard early one morning exercising in the puppet' yard with one of his puppet friends called Vincent Van Goat. They notice the gutter so Bard - and slips. Luckily for him, Vincent Van Goat manages to catch him- perish the thought if he hadn't."

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