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Bai xue gong zhu (Chinese:白雪公主 - Snow White) also known as Chinese Snow White (中国白雪公主 - zhong guo bai xue gong zhu) is a lost 1940 Chinese film, and a live-action adaption of the 1937 Disney film of the same name. It was written and directed by Yonggang Wu (1907-1982) of the Huaxin Film Company. The film celebrated its premiere sometime in 1940 at the Xinguang Theater (now the Xinguag Film Art Center) in Shanghai, where it was billed as "China's first fairy tale film." The film stars Chen Juanjuan as Snow White, as well as Han Langen, Yin Xiuzhen and Hong Jingling.


Unlike the Disney version, there is no evil Queen. Instead, Snow White's parents died and she lives with her stepmother, who gives her a drug that makes her stay young. However, once Snow White starts to worry, she will become ugly. The stepmother becomes envious of her beauty and orders Snow White to be killed, similar to the Disney film. Snow White flees from her stepmother into the forest, where she meets the dwarves, while her stepmother sends out a hunter to trace her footsteps. The hunter comes across a dwarf, who, fearing that the hunter was sent by the stepmother, drives him off. He later comes back to reveal the stepmother's plan to Snow White, while the stepmother overhears on the hunter. She disguises herself as an old woman, captures Snow White and takes her to a witch in the forest, wishing to restore her youth using Snow White's heart.


Very little remains of the film except for several cast pictures, showing the costumes, and an advertisement for the film.