Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! is a 1996 children's anime made by Xebec, based on a line of motorized toy cars developed by Tamiya Corporation. In Japan, the anime remained 2 years on display ending with 153 episodes and 1 movie.

A Brazilian dubbing of the first episodes of the anime was aired on the SBT in 2006 (10 years after its debut in Japan) by the dubbing studio Uniarthe. The anime was distributed by Sato Company in Brazil. However around only 15 episodes were aired on the channel (airing only in the Saturday mornings) and began to reprise until it was taken off the air after a few weeks, probably because of lack of interest of the channel.

Since then no other channel has been interested in continuing the anime broadcast. Currently, only two episodes have been partially found.


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