Lost Media Archive

Baldi's Basics In MS Paint (Also known as MS Paint Baiscs, or baldi psaint) is a mod of Baldi's Basics made by the user Wrolbloxwol back in mid-2018. "Baldi's Basics in Ms Paint". Unfortunately, the mod got trashed 7 times, and the user doesn't have their old Computer anymore. Also, the game was once uploaded on Newgrounds. but it also can't be found. However, a few images were archived in low quality back in 2018, but only Baldi, Playtime, It's A Bully and Gotta Sweep are in the pictures. The artwork for the Principal, Arts and Crafters, and 1st Prize is lost. However, it's confirmed that all three had artwork.

UPDATE: It has been found on Newgrounds!!!: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/3b229d8c3a05da508a13a337e62a2617