Balinese Slapping Fish was a Nickelodeon short series aired in 1998. It was made by Fudge Puppy, who also made Very Aggressive Vegetables. In every short, orange and green fish would slap each other in a given place. None of the shorts have surfaced, but there is a video for the short "Olympics" that displays a error when you attempt to play it.

Shorts in this series

  • Game Arcade
  • Fear Of Flying
  • Haunted House
  • Olympics
  • Gala Premiere
  • Blast Off Top 5
  • Fight Night

Images of the shorts

Update: 11/26/15: Fear of Flying, Olympics, Gala Premiere, and Fight Night have been uploaded by Caramell95 (A.K.A CatscratchFan4004) - Fight Night - Olympics - Fear Of Flying - Gala Premiere

Update 12/19/15 Game arcade has been found by Caramell95! (A.K.A Catscratchfan4004) - Game arcade

Update 12/25/15 Haunted house has been uploaded by "Joey!" (TheJoeythegamer100) and Blast off Top 5 has been uploaded by "NodogonToontown" (Final Atomic Buster) - Blast off top 5 - Haunted House

Kudos to A lost media fan and Nodogontoontown for proving that the videos work!

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