Bambi is a 1942 animated film by Walt Disney Pictures, directed by James Algar and Sam Armstrong. The film is about a deer named Bambi who lives in a forest, and is nicknamed "The Prince of the Forest".


Bambi has been dubbed into Brazilian Portuguese three times, but only the latest dub (made in 1990) still exists.

First dub

The first dub was released on March 10, 1943, and featured the voice of singer Peri Ribeiro as young Bambi; with Oscar Nobre and songwriter Almirante as additional voices. This dub was directed by João de Barro [better known as "Braguinha"] at the Sonofilms studio. This dub is now lost, and no other information is available on it.

Second dub

When the film was re-released in cinemas on December 26, 1969, a second dub was produced. This dub was directed and translated by Telmo de Avelar (who was responsible for the Brazilian versions of Disney movies until 1995) at the Riosom studio, with song translations by Aloysio de Oliveira. The songs were performed by harpsichord player Roberto de Regina and his singers. The only known cast member is Antonieta Matos as young Thumper.

Five-year-old Gloria Pires, who later became a successful telenovela [soap opera] actress, auditioned for the voice of Bambi, but she ultimately lost the role to another child.

Because the second dub was also lost, a third dub was released on July 13, 1990. The dub was made at the Delart studio, with Telmo de Avelar directing and translating once again. Aloysio de Oliveira's song translations were also reused, with Paulo Queiroz, Lilly Abreu, and Marcelo Coutinho as the singers. The 1990 dub is available on all modern home video releases, as well as on TV.

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