Band Aid 20 was a charity supergroup organised by Bob Geldof & Midge Ure, consisting of mainly British pop musicians, singing "Do They Know it's Christmas?" The article here were talking about is the 2004 version, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 1984 original recording, also the G8 Summit. It featured the likes of Chris Martin, Dido, Justin Hawkins, Ms. Dynamite, Bono and not forgetting Dizzee Rascal's controversial rap. I know the song/video isn't lost media, but the UK video premiere that debuted on all 5 terrestrial channels as well as numerous satellite channels on 18th November 2004 has been lost. The only sight of it that is available online is Madonna's pre-recorded introduction before the official video played out. At the very start, there is a brief blink and you miss it glimpse of the BBC1 2002 Music Video ident and again but the full same ident was also uploaded by Robin Blamires's video BBC Assorted Continuity Bits (2001-2005) in 2020; other than that, the rest of the channels' footage is considered to be forgotten.

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