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|title = Banjo Man
|title = Banjo Man

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Template:InfoboxLost Banjo Man is an unreleased platform video game developed by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is based of the classic fairytale, The Pied Piper. Originally scheduled for release in the summer of 1992, Banjo Man was heavenly delayed to 1993 until it was canceled in the spring of 1994, because of the bad reviews and high content. It's unknown if the game was complete. A demo or prototype has never showed up.

According to Adamu burohhoアダッホ(Adam Broch), the game was about a man named David who loves to play the Banjo, wanted some peace and time to himself. After being fired from his job working at a Bar, he uses the power of his Banjo to summin it all up and he eventually awakens from the dark, ordered from the blaxland town. The mayor of Hamelin spots some rats and tells David about it, so he can help. David doesn't believe him and it's up to you to convince David and stop the rats.

Nothing else of this game has been confirmed.