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Back in the early 2000's, Nickelodeon had many Sports games on Nick.com (And also on the Nick Gas website). One of which was a Basketball game called "Basketball Machine". Little is known about the game or even found online. Using the Wayback Archive gives pages to the game, but it doesn't play due to needing the Shockwave Plugin, and as of June 2018, a working link or SWF/DCR file can't be found anywhere online.

Link that shows sport page

Link to unplayable game

UPDATE 10/01/2019: This game is in face PLAYABLE in a program known as Flashpoint. This is the ONLY way to play the game as Shockwave for browsers is VERY limited and not supported anymore.


Basketball Machine (Lost Nick.com Sports Game FOUND)

Flashpoint download can be found here.

Video footage of the game provided on the right.