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Batman The Animated Series had a lost pilot from 1991 that served more as a promo reel for the show named "The Dark Knight's First Night". This pilot also had more fluid animation than the actual show and used Danny Elfman's score from the 1989 Tim Burton Film, Batman. This pilot was never broadcast on TV as it was used to pitch the show to FOX before production of the series began. It was remained unseen for 12 years until it was released on DVD as a bonus feature. The original audio track was lost and had to be replaced with the main theme of the show. Luckily, a few traces of the pilot with the original audio have been found, including a pencil test version of the pilot.

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The pilot starts with three crooks on a building rooftop with a box of jewels. two of them drop the box of jewelry and try to pick it up until a bat-shaped shadow passes over them. Batman shows up behind one of the crooks and knocks him out before the others try to shoot him down. Batman dodges all bullets and then pounces at them, knocking them over. One tries to shoot him again before having a batarang knock his gun out of his hand. Batman and the crook start fighting each other until Batman knocks the crook out. Commissioner Gordon and a couple police officers come to arrest the robbers, but see that Batman has already taken care of it. He then jumps off the building to glide away.