"The Batman" is a 1939 Lost Film, which was the very first adaption of Batman which is forgotten in media.


A mysterious man, by the name of Batman, swings across Gotham City stopping thugs and saving the day.


Humphrey Bogart as Batman

TBA as Thug

TBA as Gotham President

More About Batman (1939)

The Film was not released to the public, it is unreleased and it is unknown about any other information but only that it was the First Batman adaption and Humphrey Bogart played Batman.

It was found out recently that there was a lost tape in Switzerland of a recording named, "The Batman" saying that the recording was in 1939 not saying the date saying Humphrey Bogart as Batman but no information on actors who play the Thug and the Gotham President. In the tape VHS, showed a very glitched bad quality footage of Batman in a Crime Alley fighting a Thug then running away from the Crime Alley into Gotham Street then the clip ends with no other footage and no information on it.

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