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Battle for a Wish is a web series created by Ploopy Zuki on Youtube, the series was created somewhere around December 2, 2012. Similar to other object shows such as Battle for Dream Island, Inanimate Insanity, etc. the show involved challenges for the contestants who would compete to win (in this BFAW case, it's granting a wish to become true). During sometime around 2014, the episodes were completely removed from YouTube due to the inactivity of Ploopy Zuki or he deleted them because they're old without having a warning.

There are other existing things from Battle for a Wish, which are two wikis, one the Official (Season 1) (His wiki account is TheCr8ter) and Unofficial (Season 2) (for some reason the founder which is Ploopy Zuki named the Season 2 wiki as Unofficial). However, the founder: Mastercreator1, may not be him as this might be a different user who thought a BFAW wiki didn't exist). The two wikis' image gallery both have character assets from Season 1 to Season 2.


The Only Remaining Episode of Battle For A Wish

The only existing episode of Battle for a Wish Episode 2: Dodgeball Battle by TheWuggleJack


Season 1

  • BFAW 1: Battle For A Wish (PARTIALLY FOUND)
    • Date: December 2, 2012
    • Description: 10 Contestants battle for a wish. you will win? The [R-WORD] potatoe? The bully lipstick? You can decide by voting! reccomend a ...
  • BFAW 2: Dodgeball Battle (FOUND)
  • BFAW 3: Episode 3 (LOST)
  • BFAW 4: Episode 4 (LOST)
  • BFAW 5: Yoyle Cake (PARTIALLY FOUND)
    • This is a possible part of the episode
  • BFAW 5 or 6: For real (Special Guest Too!) (PARTIALLY FOUND)
    • NOTE: It is very possible that they might have misspelled the "BFAW 6" episode as "BFAW 5", making it seems like there was two BFAW 5 episode on the season 1.
    • This is a possible part of the episode
  • BFAW 7: The Test Taking (PARTIALLY FOUND)
  • BFAW 8: The Memory Pre Finale (PARTIALLY FOUND)
    • Description: The last episode before the finale. if you raed tihs you hvae dcisvored that there will be a saeson 2 lolol.looolll
  • BFAW Finale (9): The Finale!!!!! Voting has (PARTIALLY FOUND)

Season 2

  • BFAWA 1: Its Music Time! (PARTIALLY FOUND)
    • NOTE: It is very possible that they might have misspelled the "BFAWA 1" episode as "BFAW 1".
  • BFAWA 3: Studying is Magic (PARTIALLY FOUND)
  • BFAWA 4: It Wouldn't Work! (PARTIALLY FOUND)
  • BFAWA 5: Ahhhhhhh! (PARTIALLY FOUND)
  • BFAWA 6: The More You Know (FOUND)
    • Date: March 2, 2013
    • Description: Well it may not do the best, but it's hard to try when you have




  • Ipad (Possible Former Host)
  • Melon (Possible replaced phone as the host)

Season 1

  • Bricky
  • Hairball/Hairy
  • Hatty
  • Popcorn
  • Snowglobe
  • Kitty
  • Lipstick
  • Potatoe
  • Present
  • Washer/Washy
  • Gum (Debuter)

Season 2

  • Candle
  • 8-Ball
  • Bone
  • Marigold
  • Ghost
  • Pizza Slice
  • Popsicle
  • Disky
  • Staci
  • Peach
  • Graham Cracker
  • Radio

Other Characters

  • Brain (Confirmed by BucketStudio22)
  • Bottle (Confirmed by BucketStudio22/F-L-R-N)
  • Jelly (Confirmed by BucketStudio22)
  • Peanut Butter (Confirmed by BucketStudio22)
  • Soda (Confirmed by BucketStudio22/DeeandEd/F-L-R-N)
  • Broom (Confirmed by BucketStudio22)
  • Roboto (Confirmed by BucketStudio22)
  • Box (Confirmed by BucketStudio22/F-L-R-N)
  • Football (Confirmed by BucketStudio22/DeeandEd)
  • Coffee (Confirmed by DeeandEd)


Other information

  • A reanimated episode of the show was released: video here.
  • Wuggolo actually released a clip before BFAW was lost. It was only about a minute long and the video was shown on her Wii U: video here.
  • The thumbnails/video are found from a reaction video from BFAWA 6 reaction video by 100dcx: video here.
  • (SPOILER ALERT) The BFAW fan art was shown that Snow Globe a contestant, won season 1: video here.
  • The first season of BFAW was called Battle For A Wish, which had around 1-8 episodes.
    • This season ended on unknown dates; being succeeded by season 2.
  • The second season of BFAW was called Battle For A Wish Again, which had around 1-6 episodes.
    • However, unfortunately it was cancelled.
  • These are character fanarts made by BucketStudio22: link here.
  • The characters (only mentioned) are found from audition video from BFAW (A) auditions video by DeeandEd: video here.
  • The characters (only mentioned) are found from a Camp signup video from ZHCTWFFTGTITW Signups! (206/265) (SIGNUPS CLOSED!) video by F-L-R-N: video here.
  • Radio and 8-Ball are found from Objects Fighting For Volcano Island (Wiki) created by KraidsLair: link here.


  • Lipstick and Gum appeared on Next top thingy as an Official contestants.
  • Radio appeared on Flipnote Object Battle Episode 8
  • 8-Ball and Radio appeared on Objects Fighting For Volcano Island as an Official contestants.