Bean Ball Benny (Cancelled 1991 Sega Genesis Video Game)

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Template:InfoboxLost Bean Ball Benny is a cancelled 1991 beat ‘em up / action game, developed by Microsmiths and set to be published by Nuvision Entertainment for the Sega Genesis. The game was cancelled because Nuvision closed it's doors, subsequently cancelling Bean Ball Benny plus two other titles they worked on (The Swamp Thing and Guardian Angels Safety Patrol). In March 2010, Bmpedrums from the Digital Press Forum found a prototype of the game, shared some screens and uploaded a video on YouTube.

Very little information is known about the title, though it was shown at a summer 1991 CES and it was also advertised that year. A prototype is yet to be dumped.

References Unseen 64 article. Sega Retro article.

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