Bear in the Big Blue House (1997 Test Pilot)
(Left)A still showing not only the original Pip and Pop (Then known as "Pummel and Pop") but also the original Kitchen design. (Right) Promo image using the original kitchen design.
Status Lost
Although Disney's popular Playhouse Disney show, Bear in the Big Blue House, remains widely circulated, the 12 minute pilot episode of the show has yet to surface. A clip of it was discovered in David Gumpel's director's reel in 2006, but all that remains of that is a mere screenshot from the clip.

According to Noel Macneal (voice of Bear), the test pilot played out essentially the same as the first season episode "Water, Water Everywhere" and featured the otter duo by their original names--Pummel and Pop (the former of which was changed to Pip because Disney thought it was too violent). Additionally, the song "Need a Little Help Today" (which was carried over to "Water, Water Everywhere") was featured in the episode. The episode was made during Columbia Home Video's Prototype logo.

Apart from this information, very little is known about this pilot, although at least one promotional image (which can be seen above) for the show was produced using the same set.

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