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"Hora Da Festa" DVD Cover

O Urso na Casa Azul is the Brazilian Portuguese version of Bear in the Big Blue House, the dub aired on Playhouse Disney during the early mornings and were released some episodes on DVD with the dub. Just 16 episodes were found, 3 are lost, and 98 we don´t know if get dubbed or not. There was a redub por Globo in the Herbert Richers studio, most of the voice actors were back, and the singer Xuxa dubbed the character 'Moon', sadly that Globo version is completely lost and it´s likely that will never see the light of day again.

Voice Actors

Cláudio Galvan as Bear (Urso) and Pip (Singing)

Alexandre Moreno as Tutter

Felipe Grinan as Pip (1st voice)

Clécio Souto as Pop (1st voice)

Lina Mendes as Ojo

Adriana Torres as Shadow (Sombra)

Xuxa as Moon (Lua) (Globo version)

Found Episodes

Episode Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AybN9xjP7bq6AJWfw1jqklJkIVW6UsaE

-If at First You Don't Succeed

-When You've Got to Go!

-Call It a Day

-Mouse Party

-Bear's Birthday Bash

-Dancin' the Day Away

-And To All a Good Night

-The Big Sleep

-Friends for Life

-Music to My Ears

-Dance Fever!

-I've For-Got Rhythm!?

-A Berry Bear Christmas, part 1

-A Berry Bear Christmas, part 2

-As Different as Day and Night

-Bats are People Too

-The Yard Sale

Lost Episodes

-Listen Up (Released on the "Formas , Sons e Cores" DVD)

-Shape of a Bear (Released on the "Formas , Sons e Cores" DVD)

-A Wagon of a Different Color (Released on the "Formas , Sons e Cores" DVD)

Unknow Dubbed Episodes

-Nothing to Fear

-Afraid Not

-What's Mine Is Yours

-Friends at Play

-We Did It Our Way

-Love is All You Need

-What's the Story?

-Read My Book

-Words, Words, Words

-Boys Will Be Boys

-The Great Bandini

-Show Your Stuff

-At the Old Bear Game


-The Senseless Detectives

-Water, Water Everywhere

-Woodland House Wonderful

-We Did It Our Way

-Working Like a Bear

-Picture of Health

-That Healing Feeling

-The Big Blue Housecall

-Summer Cooler

-Falling for Fall

-All Weather Bear

-Welcome to Woodland Valley (1)

-Welcome to Woodland Valley (2)

-Halloween Bear

-The Best Thanksgiving Ever

-The Senseless Detectives

-Bear's Secret Cave

-Picture This

-As Different as Day and Night

-Bats are People Too

-It's All About You

-Oops, My Mistake

-I Gotta Be Me!

-Wish You Were Here

-Lost and Found

-Grandparents Just Just Want to Have Fun

-The Tutter Family Reunion

-You Go, Ojo!

-Tutter's Tiny Trip

-The Great Bandini

-Show Your Stuff

-At the Old Bear Game

-Home Is Where the Bear Is

- What´s in the Mail Today

-Need a Little Help Today

-Lost Thing

-Listen Up!

-Picture of Health

-Magic in the Kitchen

-A Wagon of a Different Color

-Shape of a Bear