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Bear in the Big Blue House is the American children's television series that ran from November 7, 1997 to April 28, 2006.

There was an Italian dub called Bear Nella Grande Casa Blu that was originally aired on Rai 3 and Disney Channel in 2001 and Playhouse in May 1, 2005 and made reruns on Rai Yoyo in October 2011. [1] This series was a total success in Italy but most of the series is lost and no episodes are uploaded to Youtube, Only the Theme song, The Goodbye Song and Where's Shadow song are available for today.

One episode called "Il Gioco del Cos'é" was uplaoded on Youtube by AndryTeoPRODUCTIONS o April 10, 2010 but it got taken down by Disney.

The facebook channel "La Melevisione e le sue storie" had just uploaded the episode "The Ojolympics.[2]

UPTADE: A bunch of episodes of season 1 have been found on cityanime.it: http://www.cityanime.it/bear-nella-grande-casa-blu.html


NOTE: In the series, only Bear's actor is credit

  • Danilo De Girolamo - Bear and Treelo
  • Mino Caprio - Tutter
  • Maura Cenciarelli - Gia (Ojo)
  • Paila Pavese - Luna
  • Luca Dal Fabbro - Pip
  • Luigi Ferraro - Pop


  • Dubbing studio: Cast Doppiaggio
  • Dialogue translators: Barbara Majano, Cinzia de Carolis, Cinzia Sartorello, Cristina Giachero, Daniele Mancini, Danilo De Girolamo, Elisa Galletta, Emanuela Baroni, Fabio Galimberti, Francesca Bregni, Laura Bacci, Luigi Calabrò, Luca Dal Fabbro, Miriam Spera, Paola Giannetti, Roberta Gasparetti
  • Dubbing directors: Luca Dal Fabbro, Renato Cecchetto, Carlo Cosolo
  • Song translations: Ermavilo, Lorena Brancucci
  • Musical direction: Ermavilo