Lost Media Archive

Bear in the Big Blue House is an American children's television series that ran from November 7, 1997, to April 28, 2006. Quite a few episodes were never released on DVD and have not surfaced online. However, pretty recently, 8 out of the 17 lost episodes have been uploaded to YouTube by TheVideoLover2. See below for the list of lost episodes and the episodes that were recently found.

​Lost Episodes

Here is the list of lost episodes:

Season 1

  • Mouse Party
  • Why Bears Can't Fly
  • What's in the Mail, Today?
  • Dancin' the Day Away
  • The Big Little Visitor
  • A Winter's Nap
  • Need a Little Help Today
  • Lost Thing
  • Friends for Life
  • The Way I Feel Today

Found Episodes

  • Dirt, I Love You So!
  • Music to My Ears
  • All Connected
  • Summer Cooler
  • Magic in the Kitchen
  • Spring Fever
  • A Plant Grows in Bear's House
  • Eat, Drink Juice, and Be Merry
  • The Big Sleep
  • Picture of Health