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The front cover of the album "One Foot In The Grave" which came from Beck's first K Records session.

In 1994, musician Beck released his album "One Foot In The Grave" with the record company K Records to critical acclaim. He announced in an email to those who pre-ordered the album that "more was to come" and that he "recorded two sessions with K Records." Despite the patience of many fans, no record ever surfaced. Along with the email was an attachment; a song called "Somewhere Far Along" that came from these sessions as well.

In 2005, Beck "leaked" a lot previously unreleased material. Among the unreleased material was a song called "The Way It Seems". Beck said that the track came from the second K Records recording session. According to rumor, the working title "A Tombstone Every Mile" was patented by Beck for a record belonging to K Records. The patent also included a track listing, which is this:

  1. Cold Brains
  2. Buried Alive
  3. Somewhere Far Along
  4. The Way It Seems
  5. Broken Engine
  6. Obsolete Will Be Back
  7. Smashing Scars
  8. '94 Instrumental

Interestingly, the song "Cold Brains" would go on to be featured, albeit in a probably re-recorded state, on Beck's 1998 album "Mutations". Recently, a photograph of Beck's notebook (shown below) was put online by a fan. Among other information, it gives the track listing as well as many of the tracks. Nowhere in the notebook does it say the album was called "A Tombstone Every Mile", however it is labeled the "Dub Narcotic" sessions.

A photograph of Beck's notebook, giving information on the second K Records session.