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In musician Beck's early days, he recorded many songs on cassette tape. This is done by playing a recorded tape into a recording tape while playing an instrument. He has claimed that he made hundreds of these tapes, many of which he still uses music from. He sold most of them at his early shows. So far, only a few of these tapes have surfaced and have been confirmed to be genuine. These are called:

  1. Banjo Story (1988)
  2. We Like Folk...Who Cares...Destroy Us (1991)
  3. Buck Fuck Iowa (1992)
  4. Don't Get Bent Out Of Shape (1992)
  5. Beck, Like The Beer (1992)
  6. Feel The Bunny (Unknown Date)

In 2016, an anonymous gmail user found a Beck demo tape in his uncle's tape collection, simply called "Beck", and soon after found another one in an uncle's friend's collection. The friend's tape was called "Beck The Ripper". According to the user's track-listing, the tape includes demos for popular newer Beck songs, such as "The Golden Age" and "Youthless". After difficulties mailing a copy of the tape to the popular fan site whiskeyclone.net the user decided to help his uncle's friend put the tape on ebay some time later this year. These tapes, as of right now, are fully unheard. A track-listing was printed on the tape, which usually wasn't done. This may be a sign that these tapes are fakes, but only time will tell.