The popular musical artist Beck has made many music videos to promote his singles and albums. Because he often records with small, independent companies, the videos he records often don't get aired on MTV or published on YouTube. Beck has talked about many of his music videos, and many are lost, because of the lack of attention at the time. This is what we know:

  1. Beck filmed a video for "MTV Makes Me Want To Smoke Crack", a single he made in '93, according to his friend Steve Hanft, who appeared in the video.
  2. A video was prepared to promote Beck's album Golden Feelings, for the song "Schmoozer". Beck said they would put the video on the internet, but this never happened.
  3. Beck filmed a video for the song "Forcefield" to promote his album One Foot In The Grave. The video was never aired, however it was discovered at a yard sale by a fan and can be found on the internet. According to K Records owner Calvin Johnson, they filmed many videos to promote the album. This includes "Asshole", "Sleeping Bag", and "Burnt Orange Peel".
  4. On Beck's first official studio album Mellow Gold, a video was made to promote it, for the song "Fuckin' With My Head (Mountain Dew Rock)". Another video was made, for the song "Mutherfucker", however it was abandoned during post-production because of the song's heavy cursing (the f word was banned on MTV at the time) and a lack of funds.
  5. On Beck's album The Information, Beck made a number of videos to promote the album. Every song on the album had its own video as well as a few bonus videos for outtakes from the sessions. Beck filmed a video for an outtake from the sessions, a song called "Casio (Good Stuff)", however Beck ran out of money and decided to keep the unfinished video from the public.
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