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'BedHeads' Teaser

Quilty the Fox-Bear

Wildernuts Pilot Poster.jpeg
Wildernuts Pilot Image (1).jpeg
The Wildernuts Gang (2).jpeg
BedHeads’ house.jpeg
Quilty waking up.jpeg
Rainy Day at the Beach.jpeg

In 2011, Kavaleer started a show called BedHeads. The name was changed into “Wildernuts” around 2012. The only footage was the “BedHeads” teaser trailer from 2011, and the photo gallery. https://vimeo.com/45439863

Touki the Bird

Smidgen the Fairy-Bird

Scrunch the Tortoise

Toasty the Human-Troll

The Wildernuts Gang.jpeg
Toasty (Ludo) Meeting a Hermit Crab..jpeg