'BedHeads' Teaser

Quilty the Fox-Bear

Wildernuts Pilot Poster.jpeg
Wildernuts Pilot Image (1).jpeg
The Wildernuts Gang (2).jpeg
BedHeads’ house.jpeg
Quilty waking up.jpeg
Rainy Day at the Beach.jpeg

In 2011, Kavaleer started a show called BedHeads. The name was changed into “Wildernuts” around 2012. The only footage was the “BedHeads” teaser trailer from 2011, and the photo gallery.

Touki the Bird

Smidgen the Fairy-Bird

Scrunch the Tortoise

Toasty the Human-Troll

The Wildernuts Gang.jpeg
Toasty (Ludo) Meeting a Hermit Crab..jpeg

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