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Beethoven: The Animated Series was a Saturday Morning cartoon that was loosely based off the 1992 film Beethoven. The series had a short run. It only had 26 10 minute episodes aired. It was taken off the aired in 1995. It was completely lost until a YouTuber named CoffieDog uploaded all the episode except for Trash Island and The Long Weekend. The videos were taken down in 2019 because of copyright, and only a few episodes that were re-uploaded on a different channel are available to watch. The rest are lost.


The series is now availible to watch online, including the rare episode Trash Island/Long Weekend. [1]

1 Good Old George FOUND
2 The Pound FOUND
3 Dog Dreams FOUND
4 The Good, The Bad and the Poodle FOUND
5 The Experiment FOUND
6 The Incredibly Pointless Journey FOUND
7 The Guard Dog FOUND
8 Mr. Huggs  Wild Ride FOUND
9 Cat Fight FOUND
10 The Kindergarten Caper FOUND
11 The Gopher Who Would Be King FOUND
12 Pet Psychiatrist FOUND
13 Cyrano de Beethoven FOUND
14 The Mailman Cometh FOUND
15 A Cat Named Rover FOUND
16 The Dog Must Diet FOUND
17 The Mighty Cone-Dog FOUND
18 Car Trouble FOUND
19 Puppy Time FOUND
20 The Morning Paper FOUND
21 The Big One FOUND
23 Scent of a Mutt FOUND
24 Down on the Farm FOUND
25 Trash Island FOUND
26 Long Weekend FOUND



Beethoven cartoon intro

Theme song


BEETHOVEN A Cat Named Rover Saturday Morning Cartoons-0


BEETHOVEN Car Trouble Saturday Morning Cartoons


BEETHOVEN The Pound Saturday Morning Cartoons


BEETHOVEN The Kindergarten Caper Saturday Morning Cartoons


BEETHOVEN Down on the Farm Saturday Morning Cartoons


BEETHOVEN The Good, The Bad, and The Poodle Saturday Morning Cartoons


Сериал Бетховен Beethoven Animated Series VHS Голоса 1994

Multiple episodes but not in English